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I have a training called KDP Magic where I teach people how to create and sell their own low content books on Amazon and the results have been amazing to say the least.

Every 6 months I run a 4 week live round to help my students to create and upload their books as a way to help people over any blocks or challenges that they face with publishing their books.

As part of the offer, I promise the participants that if they were able to create and publish a book during the live round, that I would share some of their published books with you!

Getting a book published is no mean feat and each of these people stepped up to the plate and committed.

Here are some of the books that they have created since then… These links should take you to your local Amazon store (they are affiliate links), where you can buy them if you like them!

If you would like to learn how to create your own low content books, click here to check out the KDP Magic Course.

Sheri Hall

Rainbow Un-coloring book KDP

Rainbow Un-Coloring Book & Journal

Draw on this! 🌈 🖌 🎨 🖊 This un-coloring book and journal is your very colorful and unique gateway to hours of creating, dreaming, drawing, doodling, coloring, journaling, zoning out, exploring and smiling. There aren’t any rules or lines to box you in! Boost your creativity and slay your anxiety 😎

Jessica Rose

Tarot reading journal KDP

Weekly Readings: A 3 Year Tarot Journal

Perfect for a beginner or a tarot queen. 3 year journal designed to easily reflect upon previous readings all in one beautiful place.

Julia Achenbaugh

Over thoughts notebook

Over thoughts

This celestial-themed notebook is perfect for school notes, brain dumping, scheduling, organizing, doodling, lists, recipes, tracking, journaling, diary, work notes, any sort of planning, or maybe writing a story, poetry, or music lyrics. It has 101 blank-lined white pages with a crescent moon in the lower right-hand corner of every page, a perfect gift for just about anyone.

Katrin Graff

croject projects book

Malen, Schneiden, Kleben "Mega Monster Malbuch" für Kinder ab 3 Jahren

A “monster” themed coloring and scissor training books for preschool kids.

Katrin Graff

gratitude journal

"Ideen & Inspiration" Florales Notizbuch Din A5 gepunktet

Dot grid notebook for bullet journaling with floral cover

Natalie Chalmers

Festive notes

Festive Notes Notebooks for a calm and spacious feeling holiday season

Holiday journal/notebook to create Less Stress and More Peace this holiday season, with 100 white pages, 6″x 9″ inches, wide margin – lined and blank pages – for a spacious, calm feeling interior and an uplifting hand-drawn festive cover in three colour versions. Keep your head clear and your notebook full this Christmas.

Natalie Chalmers

Festive notebook

Festive Notes

Holiday journal/notebook to create Less Stress and More Peace this holiday season, with 100 white pages, 6″x 9″ inches, wide margin – lined and blank pages – for a spacious, calm feeling interior and an uplifting hand-drawn festive cover in three colour versions. Keep your head clear and your notebook full this Christmas.

Anna Yarwood

healthy living planner kdp

Healthy Living Planner

Do you find it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you plan ahead and keep track of your progress? This 12 week planner and journal is designed for anyone wanting to be more intentional about living healthily!

Anna Yarwood

Small Business Owner planner KDP

Small Business Owner Planner

To keep going on that small business rollercoaster ride you signed up for, you need to be organised and energised. This 12 week planner and journal will help you feel in control of your time and encourage you to think ahead and be clear on your priorities

Julia Achenbaugh

Joyful Notebook KDP

The Joyful Notebook

This classic Christmas cardinal-themed matte paperback notebook can be used for school notes, a brain dump, scheduling, organizing, doodling, lists, recipes, tracking, journaling, diary, work notes, or maybe writing a story, some poetry, or music lyrics. The interior is 101 pages of blank, lined white paper with a cardinal graphic in the lower right-hand corner of each page, a perfect gift for just about anyone that you know.

Elise Cellucci

Daily to do planner kdp

To Do Planner: Daily to do planner

Stay focused with your daily to do planner.
Boost production with a clear plan each day.
Can start anytime.
200 pages of daily to do lists

Alexandra Kenin

KDP Hiking Journal

Hiking Journal

This hiking journal is a cheery, modern journal to help you record and remember your time on the hiking trail. There is room for 50 hikes in this book.

Elise Cellucci

Merry and Bright KDP book

Merry and Bright Notebook

Fun pretty Christmas notebook. Great sized 7 x 10″ notebook. Lined page notebook for the organized Christmas lover. Great for carrying in your purse or backpack. Have fun with it!

Dea Aujero

From my kitchen strawberries

From My Kitchen: A Recipe Collection (Strawberries Theme)

Keep your favorite recipes in your own handwriting in one place! Sized 6″x9″ with glossy cover (4 designs to choose from), customizable table of contents, spacious 2-page layout for writing, you will be proud to share or gift these for years to come!

Tracey Rissik

my art projects

My Art Projects

This art project planner/log book reduces the frustrations of losing track with where in a project you were when you last put it down – such as what materials and kit you were using. It also serves as a record of your inspiration for a piece, details of sales, and a host of other useful info to track your art projects.

Anna Yarwood

Costume Planner

Costume & Cosplay Planner

This planner and workbook includes pages to document your measurements, fill out event info, brainstorm your costume pieces, sketch your ideas, diagram your final costume idea, make notes about how it turned out and paste in photos to record it.

Karen Burke

croject projects book

Moose Journal

This journal is perfect for the moose lover, someone who likes to take notes or write while in the back country, or anyone who likes a fun and different design.

Armukara Angel

Autumn notebook

Autumn Leaves Notebook

A plain paper notebook with quaint Autumn leaves cover design. Use it as a general notebook, journal, diary or for writing down your personal notes. Also suitable for note taking at College, University or work.

Claire Louise Hardie

content planner

Little book of sewing notes

Retro themed blank lined notebook for sewing enthusiasts to write their ideas and plans.

Tracey Rissik

croject projects book

My Crochet Projects - Crochet Planner and Journal: Project planner and journal for 30 crochet projects

For crochet fans: a soft-cover crochet planner and journal that can easily fit in your bag, to record your projects, both as a reminder of what you have created, and for whom – but also to simplify your crafting life!

No longer will you forget what hook size you were using to make that gorgeous bee-themed cushion cover for your friend, after being distracted making scarves for the kids! You can manage and record up to 30 projects in each planner.

Claudia Orengo

gratitude journal

5 minute gratitude journal with full color interior: Watercolor floral painting cover and 3 month guided diary interior

A full color and beautifully designed interior with 3 exercises to do every morning ☀️ and 3 to do in the evening 🌜 during 90 days (3 months).

The cover features a hand painted floral watercolor by me, Claudia Orengo, the author and designer of this gratitude journal.

Lisa East

content planner

Your digital marketing and social media content ideas notebook

Thinking of content for your blogs and your social media platforms seems like a never ending task. Here is a great notebook to help you bring your ideas to life.

There is also an annual planner for your companies keys dates and relevant awareness days and prompters throughout on the lined and dotted note paper.

Ebonie Allard

Higher self

My Higher Self Journal - ‘Norma Jeane’ Edition : Quarter Year Journal (hardback)

This journal is designed to help you connect with your higher self through strategic planning AND mindset work. There are little motivational notes and creative doodles throughout to keep you inspired and motivated.

Kimi Kinsey

adhd daily planner

Daily Planner for Neurodivergent Unicorns

The Daily Planner for Neurodivergent Unicorns is the perfect 8.5″x11″ sized planner to fit your life, whether you’re a neurodiverse adult or teen with ADHD, ASD, Executive Dysfunction (or other challenges) and need a planner that fits your needs!

Donna Stewart

floral notebook

Notebook: A Whimsical Orange Floral Book To Write Notes In

Now here is a notebook with cuteness overload! An adorable book that any young girl or woman would love to have.

Sheri Hall

S Monogram Notebook

Letter S Notebook

Beautiful, monogram notebook featuring a contemporary pink and gray color palette and geometric hexagon background pattern; left page is a grid pattern, right side is lined pages.

This book is for the letter S and future letters will join this series shortly so check back for your letter.

Uma Prohit

little book of doodles

My little book of doodles

Enjoy doodling to help you relax, to get you thinking, when you are bored or stressed. Doodling give you hours of fun.


Lisa East

letters to my daughter

Letters to my daughter

Letters to my daughter is lined book with 75 pages and quotes on each page. A keepsake journal to write in about precious moments and capture the milestones. Words of wisdom passed from parent to child.

Perfect gift for a new parent, baby shower gift, precious gift for your child.

Julie Hall

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