Discover the magic of publishing low and medium content books on Amazon KDP in this free training showing you what it is and how you can get started


Julie Hall KDP

Hi, I’m Julie and I am a KDP Addict (#truth!).

I create and sell low and medium content books on Amazon and I love it!

In this free training I explain what this actually means and how to get started.  It’s like printing your own stationery with no cost to you!

I love everything about it from finding the books I’d like to create, to creating the books,  to making sales and I’d love to show you what it’s all about.

Some of my books

Some of my KDP books
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What Amazon KDP is and why it’s so fantastic

How to get started with Amazon KDP

Understanding what low and medium content books are

Suggestions for the kind of books you can create

Where to get your interiors

My favourite book creation tool

My three step process for creating your book