Some lovely books for Christmas

Over the last year my KDP Creators Club members have created lots of wonderful books.  And some of them will make the perfect gift for your friends and family! Here is a list of of those books (but you can see a more complete list of books here that they have...

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KDP Books low and medium content

6 steps to creating your content marketing strategy

Let’s face it. When you are marketing a business, you are busy… really busy! And you are often juggling so many priorities when trying to get the word out about your products and services that it can be difficult to decide where you should be putting your oh so...

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content planning

Look what my KDP Magic Students made

I have a training called KDP Magic where I teach people how to create and sell their own low content books on Amazon and the results have been amazing to say the least. Every 6 months I run a 4 week live round to help my students to create and upload their books as...

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KDP Course