Building Your Online Business

Here are a few ways I can help you get started building and growing your online business.  Check out my courses and trainings if you want to go a bit deeper.

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A FEW free things

Lead Magnet checklist

What's your personal Brand Archetype Quiz

Knowing your personal brand archetype can be a game changer! Click below to take this quick quiz to understand how you show up in the world.

what's your marketing superpower

What's your Marketing SuperPower?

Discover the easiest way to market your business based on your own strengths and preferences.

Lead Magnet checklist

Your Lead Magnet Checklist

Discover the secrets to creating high converting lead magnet that your customers really want

brilliant brand

Your Brilliant Brand Blueprint

A useful guide to the things to consider when you are building an online brand.

Courses & Training

Marketing & Online Business Training


Some of these are courses that I created through my other business The School of Marketing, so please forgive the different branding 😊.

I have a whole suite of trainings coming up over the next few months on building and growing your online business.

Digital Marketing Playbook

Putting together your digital marketing plan



KDP Magic

Create and Sell low content books on Amazon



Blogging for Business

Create a blog to build your brand and bring traffic to your website



The Easy Guide to Content Planning

Create a content plan that makes creating content easy



Easy Guide to SEO

Learn how to bring Google traffic to your website that drives sales



Easy Guide to Canva

Discover tips and tricks to make your Canva creations shine



Mastering Virtual Workshops

How to run highly engaging live workshops on Zoom



Discover Google Slides & Docs

Use the Google suite to build engagement on your training



 I just got off a live online training by Julie Hall and I’m infused with knowledge, inspiration and so many ideas! If you have taken at of her trainings, do so; she’s a brilliant teacher! Thanks for overdelivering Julie!

Liz Fulcher

Aromatic Wisdom

Coaching & Mentoring

VIP Days & Ongoing Mentoring

There are a limited number of spaces available for both of these mentoring and coaching services.  
I only take 2 new clients each month.  

Working with Julie on our Voxer day made me deep dive into what exactly I’m doing now, why I’m doing it and auditing what results these activities actually have.  Without being prescriptive, Julie encouraged me with suggestions for alternative approaches to some of my roadblocks.

Julie is an extremely patient and sensitive mentor, but she also tells you the truth you need to hear. Having an external perspective on your business process is invaluable as a solo biz owner.

Julie always over-delivers and our day really enabled me confront some of my negative beliefs, as well as feeling empowered with a solid practical plan of action to take right now. I left Voxer day feeling super charged with renewed enthusiasm that I can make 2021 my best year. 

Claire Louise Hardie

The Thrifty Stitcher

I have been working with Julie for 5 months now and have been amazed at the results that I have been getting. Since working with her, my revenue has increased 400% and I am now making every week what I had originally hoped to make every month. And the biggest surprise is how easy it has been. I am marketing my business in a way that feels natural and easy for me.

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan

Relationship consultant