What to Look for in a Mentor and Why You Need One

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When I started out on my journey as an entrepreneur, I was very lucky to have the support of my old Managing Director from the company I had worked at before. He was a mentor, sponsor, advocate and supporter and I will always be grateful for his advice and help during the first challenging year of launching my business.

But there came a time when I needed more than that.  I wanted a structured mentoring programme that would help me to achieve my business goals above and beyond what I was doing myself.

Finding a decent mentor is incredibly important when you are running a business because they give you fresh insight and ideas, support during challenging times and ideally, an impartial view of your business and how you might resolve your issues.

What Is a Business Mentor?

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Let’s look at what mentoring is.

In simple terms, a mentor is an advisor, someone who will listen, give you advice, share the benefit of their experience and introduce you to people who can help you.

A mentor is not technically a coach, though inevitably a mentor will coach you as well as mentor you.

A good mentor will be someone who can discuss your business with you and who will use their resources, contacts, and ideas to help you grow.

However, a mentor should also be impartial. They will be honest with you and give you feedback where others may be afraid to.

They tend to be more strategic, bringing their experience to bear and giving advice and support to help you move forward in your business.

How I do Business Mentoring

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This is the kind of work that I do with my clients.

I view my business mentoring as being a Business Guide. I am someone to help you gain clarity in your business around what type of marketing you should be doing. I show you how to grow your online business, how to create and build your online course, and how to get focused.

By doing so, I will help increase your profits and navigate the digital world.

But, I always work with your preferences. What this means is that I never dictate solutions – because ultimately this is your business, you are going to be the one that is working in it day after day. Together we find a strategy for growth that fits with you, your goals, and your objectives not just in business but in your personal life too.

As tempting as it might be at times, I won’t let you hide. We all have things that we do in our business we want to hide from or squirrel away. Things that we don’t do that we know we should do. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there! I help you see those hiding spots and show you how to move beyond them.

What I Do Differently

Something I discovered quite quickly when mentoring clients, was that the problem in their business was not always about strategy.  It was the mindset that turned out to be the biggest block to their success.

So, I made the decision to study EFT (also known as Tapping) and become a practitioner because it has been so instrumental in my own growth and development.

Now, I help my clients break through their business growth blocks as well as help them with their business and marketing strategy. It’s a pretty powerful combination!

Having been a web designer, community builder, and created (and launched) multiple websites and marketing funnels, there is not much that I don’t know about digital marketing. It’s one of my favourite subjects and, yes, I am going to use the old cliche word, it is my passion. This means that the advice that I give is based on real and practical experience, not just theory.

What to Look for in a Business Mentor

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Whether you decide to work with me or another mentor, here is a checklist of things to look out for:

Experience: You want to work with someone who has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. Someone who has achieved results in their own business, so they can advise on the best way forward. Experience and results matter a lot.

Trust: Find someone that you can trust, who is authentic and ethical in what they do. Someone YOU believe in.

Connected: Ideally, they should have relevant contacts and connections to help you. Don’t be shy about asking this.

Resources: You need someone who has resources that can be a shortcut for you along with systems and processes.

Feedback:  Find someone who is not afraid to give you feedback, especially difficult feedback. Even if it is hard to swallow, learning about areas you need to improve upon will help you move forward.

Believes in you: Look for a mentor who believes in you and your potential success. Someone who has your back and will be there when you stumble. Someone who knows you have what it takes to achieve your vision and goals.

No ego: Remember, a mentor is only an advisor. I have come across people in the past who have believed that their way is the only way, whether it worked for me or not. Trust me when I say there are many ways to grow your business. A good mentor will have flexibility when they work with you and work to your strengths and preferences.

Finding Your Mentor

If this sounds good, then here is how to find a mentor that can work with you.

Look around or ask for personal recommendations. Then, book a call with someone that you think might be a suitable mentor. Look for a track record, testimonials, and experience in the areas that you are seeking mentorship in.

There are some organisations that offer mentor match-making services. Dating sites for the business world! There are also organisations that you can contact to pay for mentoring. Although this can be convenient, the problem with mentor-matchmaking services is that you don’t really know who you are going to be connected with.

The Right Mentor for You and Your Business

Mentoring can give your business an enormous boost if you get the right person on board and can really help you turn a corner if you are stuck.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of what is a mentor and how they can help you and your work.

If you want to know more, or if you would like to discuss mentoring, just get in touch.

Julie Hall

Hey there, I’m Julie.  I help trailblazers, creators & experts to create and build their business online in a way that works for them.


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