What is Amazon KDP?

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Have you ever wanted to publish your own book? Yep, me too. It is definitely still one of the major things to do on my business bucket list.


I have struggled over the years to find the time and mental bandwidth to write a book of my own. I don’t know why it has proven to be so hard, but it has…

And then a couple of years ago, when I was looking for ways to make passive income creating digital products, I discovered the magic of Amazon KDP (and I loved the process so much, I even created a course about it!).

Is Amazon KDP for you?

The answer is YES! if you have ever dreamed about publishing your own journal, planner, sketchbook, or colouring book or you’ve got a brilliant idea for a workbook or guide. It’s genuinely one of the most rewarding things I do in my business.

What is Amazon KDP?

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which is the publishing arm of Amazon that that allows authors and creators like you to self-publish both eBooks, paperbacks and hardback books for free.

While many know KDP for novels and non-fiction works, there’s also a thriving community of people using it to publish low and medium content books.

What are Low and Medium Content Books?

Low content books typically include journals, planners, sketchbooks, and notebooks. They have minimal content inside, but they’re designed to be filled out by the user, so have a lot of repeated pages.

Medium content books, on the other hand, might include workbooks, guides, coloring books, or puzzle books. They have more content than low content books but are still interactive in nature.

Why publish your books on Amazon?

  1. Because there is no cost to you… other than your time!
  2. You can create a book and sell it on Amazon, even if you have never done it before.
  3. Because you never need to hold stock of your books – you can order them when you need them or your students and customers can buy them direct.
  4. The risk to you is pretty much nothing! I know people that have created and printed books and had boxes and boxes of stock that they have ended up having to destroy – you will never need to do this (unless you order too many and don’t end up selling them).
  5. The Amazon Marketplace is huge … and global. Your book can be available to millions of readers across the world on Amazon’s vast marketplace.
  6. Royalties! And when a book takes off, it can generate hundreds, if not thousands of $$$. I’ll be honest here, it took me a while to get a regularly selling book, but now that I have, I am selling books daily without lifting a finger.
  7. It’s a brilliant creative outlet. Back when I was first starting out in business (in January 2000 😬), I very quickly missed having creative projects to work on… this definitely scratches the creative itch for me (and if this is something that you enjoy, will for you!).
  8. It uses software that you are already familiar with such as Canva and PowerPoint to create your books.
  9. And it’s fun, and so rewarding to hold your books. Genuinely, there is nothing quite like being able to hold a book that you have designed in your own hands!

The only limit is your own imagination!

The beauty of low and medium content books is that they allow for a ton of creativity. Whether you’re designing a unique planner for entrepreneurs, a mindfulness journal, a coloring book celebrating cultures around the world, or a puzzle book to challenge the mind, the sky’s the limit!

Want to learn more about Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP offers an incredible opportunity for creators to bring their visions to life and share them with the world. So, if you’ve got an idea brewing, why not give it a go? Dive into the world of low and medium content books and let your creativity shine! 🌟📘

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