The Personal Brand Archetype Quiz

The personal brand quiz is designed to help you identify what your personal brand archetype is.  Answer the questions by choosing the responses that most resonate for you.  When you show up as your personal brand archetype you marketing and messaging will be soooo much easier.

This quiz is designed for Course Creators, Experts, Service Business Owners & Coaches who are looking to build an audience for their business.

It is designed to help you discover your personal brand archetype.

There are 12 archetypes in total, and each one has its own unique set of characteristics. The quiz will ask you a series of questions about your personal brand.

Based on your answers, you will be assigned one of the 12 archetypes – the Sage, the Innocent, the Caregiver, the Leader, the Creator, the Hero, the Magician, the Explorer, the Lover, the Entertainer, the Friend, the Rebel.  Which one are you?!

Once you know your archetype, you can use it to guide your personal branding strategy. For example, if you’re an Explorer, you might focus on adventure and discovery in your branding. Or if you’re a Creator, you might focus on innovation and originality.

Take a screenshot of your results

Take a screenshot of your results, so that you remember which ones you are and in the first email, if you sign up to the email, you’ll get a link to a PDF which helps you to discover more about your secondary and tertiary archetype personalities (and click here if you missed your chance to enter your details in the quiz).


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