Helping creative entrepreneurs to design and publish books on Amazon KDP


I must confess, I’m a bit obsessed with the books I create. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the whole process – dreaming them up, designing them, watching them sell, and yes, even buying and holding my own creations! It’s like watching a bit of magic unfold right in front of your eyes.

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you through the KDP Creators Club. It’s not just about putting another book out there; it’s about creating something beautiful, something you can touch and feel, and yes, earn from while you sleep! Many of my students have caught addiction with me, and they’re creating their own wonderful books and benefitting from their creativity.

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Helping creative entrepreneurs to design and publish books on Amazon KDP


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books and tea
books and tea

KDP Creators Club - $49 per month

KDP Creators Club is my flagship membership that helps you through all the steps of creating and publishing your own books on Amazon.

👉 Find out more about the KDP Creators Club here

Royalties Accelerator - $7 per month

Royalties Accelerator is a monthly KDP Template membership where you will find loads of assets, interior & cover templates and marketing templates for your KDP journey

👉 Find out more about the Royalties Accelerator here

No Writing Required (free) - beginners guide to Amazon KDP

Learn all about creating low and medium content books for Amazon KDP and how to get started

👉 Discover the magic of Amazon KDP here

Activity Book Creator - $97

Discover the process that I use to create my own activity books that I sell on Amazon KDP.  Please note that this course is included in the KDP Creators Club.

👉Yes! I’d like to create Activity books

Brilliant Branded Notebooks - $67

Let me show you how to create and upload a notebook to Amazon that has your brand on it that you can use and send to your own clients and customers … essentially teaching how to use Amazon as your personal printing company

👉Yes! I’d love to create a notebook with my brand on it!

Create a Gratitude Journal in Canva - $27

My Gratitude Journal is one of my best sellers and sells pretty much every day in the UK.  In this training I take you through the process of creating a gratitude journal of your own

👉Yes! I’d like to create my own Gratitude Journal

Free Resources

KDP Low Content Book and Planner Ideas

35 Planner Ideas

Want some inspiration for a range of different kinds of books that you could create.  Download your copy here.

Introduction to KDP for low and medium content books

Introduction to KDP

Discover the world of publishing low content books on Amazon KDP with this free training and how to get started.

KDP Notebook Template

KDP Notebook Template

This package will give you a simple 6 x 9 template to create your own notebook and upload it to Amazon KDP.

Books, Digital Products and Other Trainings

trainings and downloads
trainings and downloads

Check out my books on Amazon - $7 - $18

I publish low and medium content books on Amazon.  Click the link below to see some of my most popular books.  This link should take you to your local Amazon store.

👉 Yes!  I’d love to see your books!

Social Media Planning Workshop - $47

Doing social media without a plan makes no sense because you are just creating busy work for yourself with intention.  Use this training to put together a plan that can help you grow your audience on Social Media.  Now includes the Social Media Marketing Prompts.

👉Plan out your social media activity with this training

Social Media Planner - Digital - $18

Get a copy of my Social Media Planner as a digital download that you can use again and again.

👉 Get the digital social media planner here

Social Media Planner Book - £15 / $18

You can get a printed copy of my Social Media Planner from your local Amazon store here.

👉 Check out my Social Media Planner on Amazon

Canva Post Generator - $9

Canva has a secret tool that helps you to create multiple posts super fast.  In this training I show you how to combine ChatGPT and Canva to quickly create posts for your social media

👉Create multiple Canva Posts quickly and easily with this training

Canva Lead Magnet Template - $27

Who doesn’t love a good Canva Lead Magnet Template?  Use this to create a beautiful Lead Magnet that your customers will love.

👉 Check out the Canva Lead Magnet Template here.

Canva Planner Template - $27

The perfect accompaniment to the Lead Magnet Template.  Fully customisable in Canva to match your brand.

👉 Get the Canva Planner Template here 

Julie’s delivery with a mixture of great insights, tips, no nonsense plans and the slides to allow us to read as well as listen.  I like her direct approach that delivers what’s been offered without a ton of fluff and bravado.

Claire Louise Hardie

The Thrifty Stitcher

I loved this course – it was both creative and practical and jam packed from beginning to end with useful, step by step tips. Having the templates and the step by step video guides means I can do this again and again now for my business. The only limits now are my imagination! Thank you so much Julie for sharing your passion and your expertise.

Ellen Watts

Trainer, Author, Speaker