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and get rid of your tech stress


Let’s get your tech stuff sorted once and for all 

Sometimes you just want to hand over your tech projects to a safe pair of hands rather than spending days frustrating yourself trying to learn how to do the tech yourself.   

There are many balls to juggle when you are building your brand online, from your website, to social media, to email marketing, to video marketing, to blogging to running webinars to building online courses and more.  I know the technology can feel difficult and challenging and I’d like to help you by getting your tech sorted.

Don’t let the technology in your business hold you back any more

After running my own web design agency for 15 years and building a successful community of inspiring and amazing female business owners, I have done pretty much every type of tech project out there. This has helped me to build up a huge range of skills, experience and expertise in all of these areas and now I’d like to use them to help you achieve your goals.

Technology can be a huge enabler for your business and really help you get things done faster and easier than ever before.  But getting to that point can feel painful and difficult, particularly if technology is not your thing.

I’ll let you into a little secret … technology is my thing. I LOVE doing tech stuff.  I mean really love it. As an example, I taught myself how to build websites back in 2001 just for FUN.  I am constantly amazed by what technology can achieve for us today and want to share that magic with you.

Prices start from £500 and we can design the perfect technical project option for you and you can finally get that stuff sorted!

Types of projects you might need help with

These are just some ideas of projects that I can help you with but don’t assume that if it’s not on the list, I can’t help.  If you have a crunchy tech project that you just want to hand over to someone else, book a call and I’ll let you know if I’m your gal.

  • Setting up your facebook ads and creating eye catching graphics
  • Helping you to setup and create your first webinar
  • Video coaching so that you have the perfect setup and feel confident talking to camera
  • Getting your podcast set up and creating the graphics for it
  • Putting together your content schedule and setting up your automated social media plan
  • Creating branded social media headers for all your social channels
  • Planning and outlining your online course and creating your marketing schedule
  • Helping you get started with your podcast, setting up the tech and creating your podcast graphic
  • Transferring from one email marketing provider to another
  • Setting up your email marketing programme at autoresponders
  • Setting up your membership site or online course
  • Creating awesome lead attracting lead magnet pages and showing you how to get more signups


just book me for a tech day of fun and we can knock all those annoying tech projects off your to do list!
I do realise that my idea of a day of fun may not be the same as yours 😀

Some example projects

Web Design

Web Design

Get a beautiful website that you love and reflects your brand perfectly

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Get your lead magnet and email signup boxes & templates all set up and create a engagement strategy

Social Media

Social Media

Get your social media channels all set up and build a powerful social media strategy.

Video Coaching

Video Coaching

Coaching and learning on how to use video marketing as a great way to create close connections with your tribe

Content Creation

Content Creation

Let us write your content for you! Blog posts, turn your ideas into beautiful slides, create striking images

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

We will take care of the design, targeting & management of your Facebook ads

Website reviews

Website Reviews

I can review your site and advise you on what you need to do to create an irresistible online brand

Graphic Creation

Graphic Creation

Create social media graphics for you to use across your social channels that are perfect for your brand

Done for you services

Done for you

I will take care of all things that need to happen to manage your online presence, so you don’t have to

Interested?  Let’s chat

Working with someone who know how to do this stuff will save you days if not weeks of your time.  If you would like to see how I can help you get over your tech hurdles then let’s have a chat.

When you click the button below, you will be taken to an online booking form where you can choose the best day and time for us to talk.  

When you book, you will also be asked a little bit about your project, this will help us BOTH get the most out of the call.   Have a brilliant week and I look forward to speaking with you then.